Equicom, Inc. is a member of the Equicom Group of Companies. It was originally part of Equitable Computer Services, (ECS) Inc., a full-service computer solutions provider established in February 22, 1973 and based in Binondo, Manila.

ECS' early development projects include data entry services, creation of telephone directories, and programming services. Through time, ECS has come out with a broader range of IT services - namely, the sale of POS terminals and their maintenance support, systems administration, credit card processing, call center, programming services for the financial sector as well as network management and operation of data centers.

When ECS engaged in the operations of the IT infrastructure business in 2005, the consequent growth of its services and its strong corporate business in the sale of IT infrastructure products and services prompted it to spin off the business under Equicom, Inc., a new and separate entity registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 8, 2008.



Equicom, Inc.'s corporate vision is to be the country's premier provider of computer systems and technology solutions, specializing in product integration and quality support. To make this realizable, the Company made it its mission to assure customers of continuous systems availability by providing professional, efficient, and prompt service. 

In pursuit of these goals, Equicom, Inc. continues to develop a wide range of products and services that will best meet its clients' needs. Corollary to this, the Company aims to accomplish its future business plans, among which are:

  • the exploration and utilization of the potentials of Thin Client Technology, a natural technology sector for the Company given its virtualization know-how

  • the anticipation of and preparation for commercial opportunities arising from the expansion of storage business since intel-based platforms have matured to the extent that storage must be viewed as separate from server hardware

With an eye toward present needs and emphasis on future requirements, Equicom, Inc. offers clients various tools that are needed to improve customer service and to maintain a vital edge over competitors.